Low-income groups in places like South Asia, Africa and Latin America often lack basic, economic security. This means they must allocate already scarce resources in an inefficient manner, or that they live without it. The consequences are real for individuals, families, and communities alike.

Micro-insurance has been an excellent way of addressing these issues for more than a decade. These small, inexpensive products offer basic economic protection. However, problems remain. Insurance and risk-sharing is not always well understood as a concept. Using the product can be difficult, and claimants too often fail to submit a claim and thus gain a benefit from their product.

We wish to bring the benefits of insurance and risk-sharing to those who need it the most. We have teamed up with BLUETOWN, a Danish company that delivers WI-FI connectivity to rural and semi-rural areas using local solar-powered technology. The BLUETOWN net will provide WI-FI to populations without Internet connection and will launch in scale in 2020.

Using WI-FI as a communications & sales channel offers excellent prospects. The client will have a simple, easy-to-understand platform when buying micro-insurance or making a claim. We will offer E-learning and other online tools that explain how to use and select the right product, and thus heighten the value of the product for the client. As clients understand their products and learn how to claim, they will see real value.

We will work with partners and insurance companies who share our vision. A sound and sustainable business is creating value for all. Communities will see real value from these products, creating a member-get-member effect. The added economic security will act as a developmental enabler, freeing up scarce resources.

Come, join our vision: Protecting the unprotected.