We work with major companies as clients and partners both

At IIDA we strive to work with selected partners and clients who share our vision. Building a sound business based on sustainability which means improving peoples' lives.

We share this vision with our partner BLUETOWN who are dedicated to deliver WI-FI connectivity to those who need it the most.

We work with local and international insurance companies who share the same vision. Micro-insurance offers an excellent way of providing social security and developmental potential. To realize this potential, the people covered by the micro-insurance must obtain real value from it. This means making sure they not only buy the product, but that they understand the product and buy the product they actually need. They also need to understand how to make a claim. Using WI-FI means we can combine these needs, offering not just a sales- and communications channel but also E-learning and ease of access.

This is our value proposition. Protecting the unprotected means long-term, sustainable and sound business which delivers real value to individuals, families and communities.

Visit BLUETOWN's site to learn more about the WI-FI setup and technical solution