At IIDA we work with our partner the Danish company BLUETOWN. BLUETOWN is a provider of WIFI connectivity in semi-rural and rural areas in emerging markets in Africa, Latin America and South Asia where they build community-based solar powered WIFI nets.


The BLUETOWN technology is based on solar powered systems and masts, and local engagement ensures the community benefits. BLUETOWN will cover millions of people within the next five years, all in low-income semi-rural and rural areas where no connectivity exists today.

IIDA acts as BLUETOWN’s exclusive partner, facilitating insurance products on the local BLUETOWN clouds and nets. We focus on the delivery of microinsurance products using the new WIFI nets as they come online, opening these new and virgin markets.

We break new ground using WIFI as sales and marketing channel for microinsurance, and we reach millions of people with little or no insurance cover. This is not just sound and innovative business but will significantly enhance the quality of life for the people covered. Together we will help develop areas and increase security and economic opportunity for those who need it the most.