Quality, Acces and Cost Containment

Quality is key
Access is critical
Cost containment drives business

Having an excellent network access and quality of service is clearly at the heart of running a successful medical assistance business. But so is cost containment as medical inflations is much higher than overall inflation.

The objective of cost containment is to achieve the appropriate balance between the costs incurred and the benefits received by the client. It is also to have access to a provider network which charges the right price for the right service.

Cost containment is increasingly a critical variable to achieve success in the medical assistance business.

It is essential to have a sufficient and extensive network for all the required medical assistance services to be executed properly with an easy access for the client. This includes all levels of medical specialties. The network must be steered and controlled centrally as this ensures it is easier to implement new strategies, communications, prices and so on.

It is important have and to forge strong and strategic alliances, which gives access to specialized networks, including home & hotel assistance capabilities, throughout the Iberian region. This not only ensures timely assistance but also the full suite of medical services which the clients require.

We operate on a 24/7/365 basis. Our staff is experienced and trained in providing assistance. They offer multicultural and multilingual assistance, and our medical staff handles national and international medical assistance cases each day. Everyone who contacts us receives the highest level of service in what can be a distressing and highly emotional time for the client and family.

Our service level procedures and internal processes will ensure that our customers receive consistently high standards of service, and that all members of our network deliver the same, high level of service.

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